Nate Fata: Horry County and Conway, South Carolina, Defective Product Lawyer

Nate Fata: Horry County and Conway, South Carolina, Defective Product Lawyer

Every day, consumers are injured by product defects and dangerous product designs. At the Fata Law Firm in Myrtle Beach, we help consumers in Horry County, Conway, and throughout South Carolina recover compensation for the injuries they sustained from these flawed products.

How Our Personal Injury Law Firm Helps You

At the Fata Law Firm, our experienced personal injury team thoroughly investigates our clients' injuries to determine whether they were the result of a defective product or a dangerous product design. Under South Carolina law, injuries caused by products — from dangerous toys to malfunctioning auto parts — may be in part the fault of manufacturers or stores.

Product Malfunction

If an injury was caused due to a product malfunction, we identify which portion of the product broke down. Isolating the part that malfunctioned allows us to identify other potentially liable parties — such as manufacturing defects in components or parts that were incorporated into the final product — and increase our clients' chances of obtaining larger compensation awards. For example, if a mechanical part — such as the brakes — on a motorcycle or automobile fails, the driver of that motor vehicle may become seriously injured.

Dangerous Products

Other consumers may experience injuries from inherently dangerous products. In these cases, an injury is not caused by a defect in the product but instead from a product that is unavoidably dangerous due to the product design. When a product is designed in a way to make it unavoidably unsafe, manufacturers and merchants must take extra steps to notify consumers of the products' dangerous propensities.

Defective Product Warnings / Labels

Injuries also may be caused by defects in warnings. If a product has the ability to produce dangerous effects, manufacturers and merchants must adequately warn consumers of the danger.

Injury Lawsuits and Settlements

Led by personal injury attorney Nate Fata, our team of experienced personal injury professionals works hard to prove our clients' or a family member's injuries or death was caused by a malfunction in a product or due to an inherently dangerous product design.

We prepare each case as if going to trial is inevitable. Because our dedication and preparation are evident to insurance companies and opposing counsel, we are able to secure our clients just compensation awards and settlements based on the circumstances of their specific cases.

Read more about people we've helped — and contact Myrtle Beach defective product attorney Nate Fata at the Fata Law Firm today.

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