Trust Claims

Trust and Fiduciary Litigation

For over twenty years, The Fata Law Firm has represented clients in trust and estate cases through trial and on appeal.  We represent clients in matters related to breach of fiduciary duties by trustees.  Under the South Carolina Trust Code, trustees owe duties to beneficiaries of a trust.  Some of the duties owed by trustees are to properly administer the trust, account for all funds received and distributed, avoid conflict of interest and self-dealing transactions, and ensuring the beneficiaries of a trust are treated fairly in accordance with the trust provisions.  When a trustee fails to properly act or when a trustee violates his fiduciary duty, a trustee may be removed and replaced by Court order.

If you have questions concerning your rights as a beneficiary of a trust, or if you are concerned about the actions of a fiduciary, such as a trustee, you should contact The Fata Law Firm.

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