What Questions Should I Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer In South Carolina?

There are many ways that someone can judge if an attorney is fit for their case, and some questions can be particularly instructive in helping you choose and attorney that is right fit for you and your case.  For example, knowing if an attorney has fought and won a case that is similar to yours previously is important in the scheme of things.  But you also have to keep in mind that everyone’s case is different.  Also, you should consider discussing fees, what are the initial fees, and do those fees ever change.  You might also want to discuss how you will get in the touch with the attorney throughout the duration of the case because this can give you a sense of how you will communicate during your case.  Asking these types of questions will give you a better idea of whether or not an individual attorney is right for you.

Why You Should Hire A South Carolina Injury Attorney For Your Case

You’ve been hurt in an accident and wonder if you need a South Carolina injury attorney to represent you and help you with your case. This may not seem like an urgent question while you are struggling to recover from your injuries, dealing with doctor’s appointments, going to therapy, all while struggling to get back on your feet. However, the issue of having an experience attorney to handle your personal injury case is just as important as dealing with your physical issues.

Insurance Companies Make Money Shortchanging You

All the major insurance companies, GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, and others advertise that they help people, but the only people they help are the ones who pay their insurance premiums.  Never do you see an ad regarding an injured victim’s insurance company that they are eager to compensate.  The claim representative’s job is to give you the least amount possible which is how his performance is judged as a professional.

Your Settlement Should Probably Be More Than You Think

Determining the value of a case can be very difficult at it is based on many factors.  For example, with a slip and fall case you must convincingly prove negligence and fault on the part of the other party.  Regarding medical malpractice, case require expert testimonials which have to be factored into the cost of the case which can be a very large expense.  Also, you have to be able to prove you can use medical evidence to get a bigger settlement which includes preserving your right to money for future medical care regarding your injuries.  You really need an experienced law professional, like Nate Fata at Fata Law Firm, who has decades of experience to determine if your case has the potential to file for punitive damages which can take years of practice and experience to easily discern.

The Challenge Of Making The Insurance Company Take You Seriously

If there is one thing that insurance companies hate, that is the risk of them losing lots of money.  A skilled and experienced accident injury attorney can create risks for an insurance company, and can do so in two different ways.  The first way they can create risk is with a settlement presentation that features evidence that can be proven at a trial.  The second way an attorney can pose a risk by filing a lawsuit that means the insurance company will have to spend even more money.  An ordinary person doesn’t know what to prove or how to prove it under the rules of evidence.  This means ordinary people aren’t much of a threat to an insurance company which is why they need a South Carolina injury attorney to assist them in getting a larger settlement.

Handling Cases For Injured Children, Legal Options For Protection And Settlements

Representing a child in an injury lawsuit presents additional complications.  For one, there is potentially more to lose as you have to properly prove your child’s enhanced suffering as compared to an adult.  Also, you have to establish the long-term implications of permanent injuries, as well as, protect the right to receive future medical care related to the accident or injury which occurred in South Carolina.  Secondly, the court carefully protects children’s settlements.  Actually, most children’s settlements require a hearing where one must present evidence to convince the judge to even allow a settlement.  This alone should motivate you to seek a Myrtle Beach attorney with decades of experience, like Nate Fata, to set up a settlement that a judge will approve since it can be so difficult.  Also, the courts severely restrict the options for handling the settlement money for a child.  However, an experienced personal injury attorney can often get more beneficial choices in managing the settlement money of your child.

Knowing How To Negotiate With The Insurance Company

It is to the insurance company’s benefit to make things difficult for you.  You will have to deal with the frustration of trying to get an adjuster on the phone and getting low ball offers without legitimate justification.  This is a tactic that insurance companies use to frustrate the victims in hope that they will take a “let’s just get it over with” stance and just settle taking the low ball offer given by the insurance company.  To get the best results and settlement for your South Carolina injury lawsuit it will require an experience attorney or lawyer such as, Nate Fata.  Contact us at 843-238-2676 or nfata@fatalaw.com to set up a consultation at our Surfside Beach office located on the Grand Strand.

Attorney Nate Fata Can Help You Get The Best Settlement For Your Injury Case

At Fata Law Firm we have helped many clients win what seem to be unwinnable cases, and get settlements that they could have never gotten on their own.  The time and money you invest with Fata Law will help you ensure that you get the best results for your case.  Nate Fata’s years of knowledge and experience with South Carolina personal injury law is sure to benefit the outcome of your case.  Feel free to contact us at 843-238-2676 or nfata@fatalaw.com to set up a consultation to ensure the best results of your personal injury case.